Saint Xavier University Athletics Staff
Staff Listing
Bob Hallberg ImageBob HallbergAthletics Director[email protected]773-298-3109
Greg Gorham ImageGreg GorhamAssociate Athletics Director/SID[email protected]773-298-3110
Laura Kurzeja ImageLaura KurzejaAthletics Office Coordinator[email protected]773-298-3785
Marian Banasiak ImageMarian BanasiakAthletics Secretary[email protected]773-298-3119
Eileen Watson ImageEileen WatsonAthletics Secretary[email protected]773-298-3101
Dr. Karen WoodFaculty Athletics Representative[email protected]773-298-3746
Athletic Trainers
Katherine DeGaetano ImageKatherine DeGaetanoHead Athletic Trainer[email protected]773-298-3128
Dan Piet ImageDan PietAssistant Athletic Trainer[email protected]773-298-3129
Shannon Center Staff
Jen Kjos Quinlan ImageJen Kjos QuinlanFacility Director[email protected]773-298-3778
Jay Battles ImageJay BattlesAsst. Facility Manager[email protected]773-298-3585
Dance - Paw Prints
To Be AnnouncedHead Paw Prints Coach773-298-3101
Julie DeCarlo ImageJulie DeCarloHead Coach[email protected]773-298-3101
Rocco Mossuto ImageRocco MossutoBaseball Coach[email protected]773-298-3103
John Harasen ImageJohn HarasenAssistant Baseball Coach
Men's Basketball
Tom O'Malley ImageTom O'MalleyMen's Basketball Coach[email protected]773-298-3104
John Chappetto ImageJohn ChappettoAssistant Men's Basketball Coach
Women's Basketball
Bob Hallberg ImageBob HallbergWomen's Basketball Coach[email protected]773-298-3109
Barry Shaw ImageBarry ShawAssistant Women's Basketball Coach
Jay Battles ImageJay BattlesAssistant Women's Basketball Coach[email protected]773-298-3585
Men's Cross Country
Kyle Rago ImageKyle RagoMen's Cross Country Coach[email protected]773-298-3306
Women's Cross Country
Lisa Ebel ImageLisa EbelWomen's Cross Country Coach[email protected]773-298-3581
Mike Feminis ImageMike FeminisFootball Coach[email protected]773-298-3107
Mark Yanule ImageMark YanuleFootball Offensive Coordinator[email protected]773-298-3695
Bill McKeon ImageBill McKeonFootball Defensive Coordinator[email protected]
Mike Slovick ImageMike SlovickFootball Special Teams Coordinator[email protected]773-298-3106
Bill Gleeson ImageBill GleesonAssistant Football Coach
John D'Ambrosio ImageJohn D'AmbrosioAssistant Football Coach
John Casson ImageJohn CassonAssistant Football Coach
Eric Schreiber ImageEric SchreiberAssistant Football Coach
McHale Smith ImageMcHale SmithAssistant Football Coach[email protected] 773-298-3277
Tim Ladd ImageTim LaddAssistant Football Coach
Joe Marciano ImageJoe MarcianoAssistant Football Coach
Andy Ricca ImageAndy RiccaAssistant Football Coach
Brendan Sheehy ImageBrendan SheehyAssistant Football Coach
Chris Rodgers ImageChris RodgersAssistant Football Coach
Matt FeminisAssistant Football Coach
Nick Cemeno ImageNick CemenoAssistant Football Coach
Men's Soccer
Ed Vucinic ImageEd VucinicMen's Soccer Coach[email protected]773-298-3775
Matthew Ball ImageMatthew BallAssistant Men's Soccer Coach
Agustin Herrera ImageAgustin HerreraAssistant Men's Soccer Coach
Women's Soccer
Evan Strehlau ImageEvan StrehlauWomen's Soccer Coach[email protected]773-298-3112
Tom Christopher ImageTom ChristopherAssistant Women's Soccer Coach
Kerry Hardiman ImageKerry HardimanAssistant Women's Soccer Coach
Katie Monterosso ImageKatie MonterossoAssistant Women's Soccer Coach
Erin Mollohan-Corrao ImageErin Mollohan-CorraoHead Softball Coach[email protected]773-298-3100
Michelle BattsAssistant Softball Coach
Men's Track & Field
Kyle Rago ImageKyle RagoMen's Track and Field[email protected]773-298-3306
Women's Track & Field
Lisa Ebel ImageLisa EbelWomen's Track and Field[email protected]773-298-3581
Men's Volleyball
Robert Heersema ImageRobert HeersemaMen's Volleyball Coach[email protected]773-298-3105
Anne Kuziela ImageAnne KuzielaAssistant Men's Volleyball Coach
Women's Volleyball
Robert Heersema ImageRobert HeersemaWomen's Volleyball Coach[email protected]773-298-3105
Eugene Pinkhasik ImageEugene PinkhasikAssistant Women's Volleyball Coach
Anne Kuziela ImageAnne KuzielaAssistant Women's Volleyball Coach
Women's Golf
James Kerr ImageJames KerrWomen's Golf Coach[email protected]773-341-5494
Men's Golf
James Kerr ImageJames KerrMen's Golf Coach[email protected]773-341-5494
Men's Bowling
Michael Kay ImageMichael KayHead Men's Bowling Coach[email protected]773-298-3586
Women's Bowling
Michael Kay ImageMichael KayHead Women's Bowling Coach[email protected]773-298-3586