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Schedule for 2010-11 Baseball
 DayTime OpponentScore Record 
 2611:00 AM vs. Gannon UniversityW-17-4stats - recap1-0 Details
 Florida games
 Game 2 vs. Gannon UniversityL-2-3stats1-1 Details
 Florida games
 279:00 AM vs. Davenport UniversityL-2-3 (8 Innings)stats1-2 Details
 Florida games
 2:00 PM vs. William Penn UniversityL-5-8 (7 Innings)stats1-3 Details
 Florida games
 2811:00 AM vs. Bethel CollegeL-5-6stats - recap1-4 Details
 Florida games
 12:00 PM @ Warner UniversityT-4-4 (12 Innings)stats1-4-1 Details
 Florida games
 211:00 AM @ Webber InternationalL-2-6stats1-5-1 Details
 Florida games
 Game 2 @ Webber InternationalL-7-8stats1-6-1 Details
 Florida games
 311:00 AM vs. Notre Dame CollegeL-6-7stats - recap1-7-1 Details
 Florida games
 Game 2 vs. Notre Dame CollegeW-17-6stats2-7-1 Details
 Florida games
 411:30 AM vs. Concordia University (Mich.)W-11-0 (5 Innings)stats3-7-1 Details
 Florida games
 2:00 PM vs. Bethel CollegeL-1-7stats3-8-1 Details
 Florida games
 59:00 AM vs. Morningside CollegeW-11-4stats - recap4-8-1 Details
 Florida games
 Game 2 vs. Morningside CollegeL-6-7stats4-9-1 Details
 Florida games
 68:00 AM vs. Point Park UniversityL-0-9stats4-10-1 Details
 at RussMatt Invit., Winter Haven, Fla -- Sean Clark CG shutout, Dujka grand slam
 1212:00 PM vs. Mount Vernon Nazarene UniversityW-5-4 (8 Innings)stats - recap5-10-1 Details
 Game 2 vs. Mount Vernon Nazarene UniversityW-5-4stats - recap6-10-1 Details
 1311:00 AM vs. Notre Dame CollegeL-7-11stats - recap6-11-1 Details
 Game 2 vs. Notre Dame CollegeL-3-7stats - recap6-12-1 Details
183:30 PM vs. Calumet College of St. JosephW-15-5 (7 Innings)stats - recap7-12-1 1-0Details
191:00 PM @ Calumet College of St. JosephW-4-0stats - recap8-12-1 2-0Details
Game 2 @ Calumet College of St. JosephW-10-1stats - recap9-12-1 3-0Details
221:30 PM vs. Illinois Institute of TechnologyRAIN9-12-1 3-0Details
Game 2 vs. Illinois Institute of TechnologyRAIN9-12-1 3-0Details
231:30 PM vs. Illinois Institute of TechnologyW-10-0 (6 Innings)stats - recap10-12-1 4-0Details
 Rescheduled from Tuesday, March 22
Game 2 vs. Illinois Institute of TechnologyW-8-0stats - recap11-12-1 5-0Details
261:00 PM vs. Roosevelt UniversityRAIN11-12-1 5-0Details
 Game switched to Saint Xavier's Ferrell Field
Game 2 vs. Roosevelt UniversityRAIN11-12-1 5-0Details
 Game switched to Saint Xavier's Ferrell Field
284:00 PM vs. Roosevelt UniversityW-8-1 (7 Innings)stats - recap12-12-1 6-0Details
 Rescheduled from Sat., March 26 - one seven-inning game
 303:00 PM vs. Lewis UniversityW-8-7stats - recap13-12-1 Details
313:30 PM @ Olivet Nazarene University (Ill.)L-1-3stats - recap13-13-1 6-1Details
 Game switched from Friday, April 1
212:00 PM vs. Olivet Nazarene University (Ill.)L-5-7stats - recap13-14-1 6-2Details
Game 2 vs. Olivet Nazarene University (Ill.)L-0-4stats13-15-1 6-3Details
 31:00 PM vs. University of Saint Francis (Ind.)L-15-17stats - recap13-16-1 Details
 Game 2 vs. University of Saint Francis (Ind.)W-11-6stats14-16-1 Details
51:30 PM vs. Cardinal Stritch UniversityW-6-5stats - recap15-16-1 7-3Details
Game 2 vs. Cardinal Stritch UniversityW-9-4stats - recap16-16-1 8-3Details
 83:30 PM vs. Saint Ambrose UniversityL-2-3stats - recap16-17-1 Details
 Game moved to 4 p.m. start due to field conditions
91:00 PM vs. Holy Cross CollegeW-7-1stats - recap17-17-1 9-3Details
 Sites switched for weekend series
1012:00 PM @ Holy Cross CollegeW-14-0 (5 Innings)stats - recap18-17-1 10-3Details
 Sites switched for weekend series
Game 2 @ Holy Cross CollegeW-30-5 (5 Innings)stats - recap19-17-1 11-3Details
 Game actually ended after four innings
113:30 PM vs. Roosevelt UniversityW-11-2 (7 Innings)stats - recap20-17-1 12-3Details
 Made-up game two of previously scheduled doubleheader
133:00 PM @ Robert Morris UniversityW-2-1stats - recap21-17-1 13-3Details
Game 2 @ Robert Morris UniversityL-0-5stats - recap21-18-1 13-4Details
161:00 PM vs. Trinity Christian CollegeRAIN21-18-1 13-4Details
 Rescheduled for April 18 at 2 p.m.
Game 2 vs. Trinity Christian CollegeRAIN21-18-1 13-4Details
 Rescheduled for April 18 at 2 p.m.
183:30 PM @ Trinity Christian CollegeW-8-1stats - recap22-18-1 14-4Details
 make-up from April 15; game at Saint Xavier
191:30 PM vs. Trinity International University (Ill.)RAIN22-18-1 14-4Details
 Resxheduled for Monday, April 25, at 1:30 p.m.
Game 2 vs. Trinity International University (Ill.)RAIN22-18-1 14-4Details
202:00 PM vs. Trinity Christian CollegeL-5-8stats - recap22-19-1 14-5Details
 make-up from April 16
Game 2 vs. Trinity Christian CollegeW-6-2stats - recap23-19-1 15-5Details
 Make up from April 16
223:30 PM vs. University of Saint Francis (Ill.)RAIN23-19-1 15-5Details
 No rescheduled date announced yet
2312:00 PM @ University of Saint Francis (Ill.)L-12-15stats - recap23-20-1 15-6Details
Game 2 @ University of Saint Francis (Ill.)W-14-1stats - recap24-20-1 16-6Details
4:00 PM @ University of Saint Francis (Ill.)L-9-15stats24-21-1 16-7Details
 Make-up game from Friday, April 22
251:30 PM vs. Trinity International University (Ill.)RAIN24-21-1 16-7Details
Game 2 vs. Trinity International University (Ill.)RAIN24-21-1 16-7Details
 263:00 PM @ Northwestern UniversityRAIN24-21-1 Details
 No rescheduled date
281:30 PM vs. Trinity International University (Ill.)L-2-8stats - recap24-22-1 16-8Details
 Rescheduled from April 26
Game 2 vs. Trinity International University (Ill.)L-1-4stats - recap24-23-1 16-9Details
293:30 PM @ Purdue University-North CentralW-10-7stats - recap25-23-1 17-9Details
 Game will be played at SXU's Ferrell Field
3012:00 PM vs. Purdue University-North CentralW-6-5stats - recap26-23-1 18-9Details
Game 2 vs. Purdue University-North CentralL-4-6stats - recap26-24-1 18-10Details
11:00 PM vs. Judson UniversityL-7-8stats - recap26-25-1 18-11Details
 Judson home games played at SXU - Rescheduled from April 27
Game 2 vs. Judson UniversityW-6-3stats - recap27-25-1 19-11Details
 310:00 AM vs. Robert Morris UniversityW-6-4stats - recap28-25-1 Details
 CCAC Tournament - First Round (Oil City Stadium, Whiting, Ind.)
 43:00 PM vs. Olivet Nazarene University (Ill.)L-1-5stats - recap28-26-1 Details
 CCAC Tournament - Second Round (Oil City Stadium, Whiting, Ind.)
 510:00 AM vs. University of Saint Francis (Ill.)L-0-4stats - recap28-27-1 Details
 CCAC Baseball Tournament