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Schedule for 2009-10 Softball
 DayTime OpponentScore Record 
 288:00 AM vs. Clarke UniversityW-12-2 (5 Innings)1-0 Details
 Florida Trip
 10:00 AM vs. Walsh University (Ohio)L-2-31-1 Details
 Florida Trip
 18:00 AM vs. Bellarmine UniversityL-1-41-2 Details
 Florida Trip
 10:00 AM vs. Mount Olive CollegeL-3-61-3 Details
 Florida Trip
 28:00 AM vs. University of MaryRAIN1-3 Details
 Florida Trip
 10:00 AM vs. Northwood UniversityL-2-41-4 Details
 Florida Trip
 48:00 AM vs. Ursuline CollegeW-9-1 (6 Innings)2-4 Details
 Florida Trip
 Game 2 vs. Ursuline CollegeW-10-83-4 Details
 510:00 AM vs. University of South DakotaW-1-04-4 Details
 Florida Trip
 12:00 PM vs. Indiana Wesleyan UniversityW-2-15-4 Details
 Florida Trip
 4:00 PM vs. Walsh University (Ohio)W-4-2 (9 Innings)6-4 Details
 Florida Trip
 612:00 PM vs. Indiana University of PennsylvaniaL-0-36-5 Details
 Florida Trip
 4:00 PM vs. Northern State UniversityW-3-07-5 Details
 Florida Trip
 1311:00 AM @ Lindenwood UniversityW-5-48-5 Details
 Game 2 @ Lindenwood UniversityW-5-39-5 Details
184:00 PM @ Judson UniversityW-3-210-5 1-0Details
 St. Xavier is #17 in NAIA National Poll
Game 2 @ Judson UniversityW-3-111-5 2-0Details
233:00 PM vs. Purdue University-North CentralW-15-0 (5 Innings)12-5 3-0Details
Game 2 vs. Purdue University-North CentralW-7-213-5 4-0Details
263:00 PM @ Calumet College of St. JosephW-8-014-5 5-0Details
Game 2 @ Calumet College of St. JosephW-4-315-5 6-0Details
 2712:00 PM vs. Cornerstone UniversityW-4-016-5 Details
 Game 2 vs. Cornerstone UniversityW-4-117-5 Details
13:00 PM vs. Trinity International University (Ill.)W-10-218-5 7-0Details
 22:00 PM vs. William Penn UniversityL-1-718-6 Details
 Olivet Nazarene Crossover, Bourbonnais, IL
 Game 2 vs. William Penn UniversityL-0-318-7 Details
63:00 PM vs. University of Saint Francis (Ill.)W-8-0 (6 Innings)19-7 8-0Details
Game 2 vs. University of Saint Francis (Ill.)W-1-0 (8 Innings)20-7 9-0Details
1012:00 PM @ Cardinal Stritch UniversityW-8-221-7 10-0Details
Game 2 @ Cardinal Stritch UniversityW-4-222-7 11-0Details
134:00 PM @ Robert Morris UniversityL-0-122-8 11-1Details
Game 2 @ Robert Morris UniversityL-0-122-9 11-2Details
 153:00 PM vs. Belhaven UniversityL-0-322-10 Details
 Game 2 vs. Belhaven UniversityL-2-3 (8 Innings)22-11 Details
 162:00 PM vs. Columbia CollegeL-3-922-12 Details
 Game 2 vs. Columbia CollegeW-4-123-12 Details
 203:00 PM vs. Lewis UniversityW-3-224-12 Details
 Game 2 vs. Lewis UniversityL-2-624-13 Details
223:00 PM vs. Olivet Nazarene University (Ill.)L-1-424-14 11-3Details
Game 2 vs. Olivet Nazarene University (Ill.)W-4-225-14 12-3Details
2412:00 PM @ Trinity Christian CollegeRAIN25-14 12-3Details
 rescheduled for Apr 29
Game 2 @ Trinity Christian CollegeRAIN25-14 12-3Details
 rescheduled for Apr 29
 273:00 PM @ University of Wisconsin-ParksideL-4-5 (9 Innings)25-15 Details
 Game 2 @ University of Wisconsin-ParksideW-9-326-15 Details
293:00 PM @ Trinity Christian CollegeW-5-227-15 13-3Details
Game 2 @ Trinity Christian CollegeW-1-028-15 14-3Details
 112:00 PM vs. Bethel CollegeW-2-129-15 Details
 Bethel ranked No. 14 in latest NAIA Poll
 Game 2 vs. Bethel CollegeL-1-929-16 Details
 63:00 PM vs. Robert Morris UniversityW-3-030-16 Details
 72:00 PM @ Olivet Nazarene University (Ill.)W-10-631-16 Details
 CCAC Tournament
 812:00 PM @ Olivet Nazarene University (Ill.)L-1-931-17 Details
 CCAC Tournament
 2:00 PM @ Olivet Nazarene University (Ill.)L-2-931-18 Details
 CCAC Tournament