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Schedule for 2012-13 Women's Volleyball
 DayTime OpponentScore Record 
 25  vs. Daemen CollegeW-25-20,25-23,25-20stats - recap1-0 Details
 University of Michigan-Dearborn Tournament
   vs. (16)Madonna UniversityL-17-25,11-25,20-25stats1-1 Details
 University of Michigan-Dearborn Tournament
 1:30 PM @ University of Michigan-DearbornW-25-15,25-13,25-12stats2-1 Details
 University of Michigan-Dearborn Tournament
 296:00 PM @ Goshen CollegeW-25-18,27-25,25-22stats - recap3-1 Details
 314:00 PM vs. Mount Mercy UniversityW-25-14,25-16,25-13stats - recap4-1 Details
 Saint Xavier/Trinity Christian Tournament
 8:00 PM vs. Spring Arbor UniversityW-25-23,25-17,25-17stats - recap5-1 Details
 Saint Xavier/Trinity Christian Tournament
 110:00 AM vs. Siena Heights UniversityW-25-27,25-7,25-20,25-21stats - recap6-1 Details
 Saint Xavier/Trinity Christian Tournament
 2:00 PM vs. University of Saint Francis (Ill.)W-25-17,25-14,25-18stats - recap7-1 Details
 Saint Xavier/Trinity Christian Tournament
67:00 PM @ Cardinal Stritch UniversityW-26-24,25-15,25-19stats - recap8-1 1-0Details
117:00 PM vs. Trinity International University (Ill.)W-25-12,25-18,25-22stats - recap9-1 2-0Details
 127:00 PM @ Saint Ambrose UniversityL-19-25,24-26,18-25stats - recap9-2 Details
187:00 PM @ Robert Morris UniversityW-25-8,25-23,25-15stats - recap10-2 3-0Details
207:00 PM @ Roosevelt UniversityW-25-16,25-18,25-21stats - recap11-2 4-0Details
257:00 PM vs. Judson UniversityW-25-21,25-13,25-17stats - recap12-2 5-0Details
277:00 PM vs. Illinois Institute of TechnologyW-25-15,25-21,25-17stats - recap13-2 6-0Details
 283:00 PM vs. Aquinas CollegeW-25-16,25-12,28-26stats14-2 Details
 Indiana Wesleyan/Indiana Tech Tournament
 5:00 PM vs. Indiana Wesleyan UniversityL-25-22,27-29,15-25,21-25stats - recap14-3 Details
 Indiana Wesleyan/Indiana Tech Tournament
 2911:00 AM vs. Marian University (Ind.)W-25-20,21-25,25-23,25-20stats15-3 Details
 Indiana Wesleyan/Indiana Tech Tournament
 1:00 PM vs. Indiana Institute of TechnologyL-9-25,25-18,19-25,25-18,7-15stats - recap15-4 Details
 Indiana Wesleyan/Indiana Tech Tournament
 27:00 PM vs. Ashford UniversityW-25-15,25-13,25-20stats - recap16-4 Details
53:00 PM @ Calumet College of St. JosephW-25-6,25-19,25-12stats17-4 7-0Details
 CCAC Crossover Tournament at Calumet College
7:00 PM vs. Trinity Christian CollegeW-25-19,25-17,25-21stats - recap18-4 8-0Details
 CCAC Crossover Tournament at CCSJ
611:00 AM vs. Purdue University CalumetW-25-7,25-8,25-5stats19-4 9-0Details
 CCAC Crossover Tournament at Calumet College
3:00 PM vs. University of Saint Francis (Ill.)L-25-23,18-25,23-25,25-19,8-15stats - recap19-5 9-1Details
 CCAC Crossover Tournament at Calumet College
97:00 PM vs. Cardinal Stritch UniversityW-25-20,25-19,24-26,15-25,15-12stats - recap20-5 10-1Details
117:00 PM @ Trinity International University (Ill.)W-25-15,25-13,25-22stats - recap21-5 11-1Details
 121:00 PM vs. (3)Columbia CollegeL-17-25,20-25,14-25stats - recap21-6 Details
 5:00 PM vs. (19)Viterbo UniversityL-16-25,25-18,21-25,18-25stats21-7 Details
 131:00 PM @ (RV)Bellevue UniversityL-24-26,20-25,21-25stats - recap21-8 Details
167:00 PM vs. Robert Morris UniversityW-26-24,26-24,25-12stats - recap22-8 12-1Details
 194:00 PM vs. Davenport UniversityL-21-25,24-26,13-25stats22-9 Details
 Grand View University Tournament
 6:00 PM @ (13)Grand View UniversityL-22-25,20-25,19-25stats - recap22-10 Details
 Grand View University Tournament
 2010:00 AM vs. Evangel UniversityW-25-17,27-25,23-25,25-15stats - recap23-10 Details
 Grand View University Tournament
 4:00 PM vs. (20)Viterbo UniversityL-17-25,21-25,16-25stats23-11 Details
 Grand View University Tournament
237:00 PM vs. Roosevelt UniversityW-25-20,25-13,25-20stats - recap24-11 13-1Details
262:00 PM vs. Purdue University-North CentralW-25-15,25-9,25-22stats - recap25-11 14-1Details
 CCAC Crossover Tournament - South Bend, Ind.
6:00 PM vs. Olivet Nazarene University (Ill.)W-25-20,25-10,25-23stats26-11 15-1Details
 CCAC Crossover Tournament - South Bend, Ind.
2711:00 AM vs. Indiana University-South BendW-25-15,25-12,25-15stats - recap27-11 16-1Details
 CCAC Crossover Tournament - South Bend, Ind.
307:00 PM @ Judson UniversityW-25-23,25-17,25-16stats - recap28-11 17-1Details
17:00 PM @ Illinois Institute of TechnologyW-25-18,25-22,25-15stats - recap29-11 18-1Details
 67:00 PM vs. Roosevelt UniversityW-22-25,26-24,23-25,25-18,15-6stats - recap30-11 Details
 87:00 PM vs. Trinity Christian CollegeW-25-17,25-20,27-25stats - recap31-11 Details
 107:00 PM @ (RV)University of Saint Francis (Ill.)L-18-25,14-25,18-25stats - recap31-12 Details
 CCAC Tournament Championship
 1711:00 AM @ (15)Madonna UniversityL-18-25,15-25,25-23,16-25stats - recap31-13 Details
 NAIA National Championship Opening Round