Junior Amanda Wessel
Junior Amanda Wessel
SXU - Wed, Mar. 2, 2011

Amanda Wessel, a junior on the Saint Xavier University women's soccer team, from Metamora, Ill., is in her second year on the team. She plays multiple positions on the field and is working toward a major in Biology (Pre-Med) and Spanish.

Why did you choose to come to Saint Xavier?
I started college as a non-athlete at Loyola University in Chicago. It was a good experience, but I missed the game and having the support of a team. Before my sophomore year, I talked to the coaches at Saint Xavier and signed to become a Cougar. I am still very happy with my decision and have encountered many beneficial opportunities and made some strong friendships along the way.

What were your goals for this season?
My main goal for every season is to improve my skills as much as possible and be a teammate that everyone can count on and look to for support.

What do you think you contribute to the Athletic Program?
I try to provide my teammates with someone they can always talk to and who will always be supportive of them. The girls on the team mean the world to me and I try to be there for them whenever they need me. My friends and I also try to support other teams in the Athletic Program by attending their games.

Do you have any pre-game rituals?
Before every game, I listen to a variety of music and juggle the soccer ball with my feet before warm-up begins.

Who would you say is your favorite athlete?
I think my favorite athlete would have to be David Villa. He is a lot of fun to watch. I also respect the fact that he is involved in many charities, such as UNICEF.

What is your involvement on campus?
I am a member of the America Red Cross Club.

Do you have a favorite quote or model to live by?
My favorite quote is "Champions are made when nobody is watching." I like this quote, because I feel the most successful people on the field put in the most effort even when nobody is there to push them. This quote is engraved on the back of my I-pod to always remind me to work hard. I also apply this quote to other aspects of my life. A truly good person always does kind deeds, even when nobody is there to give them credit.

Who would you say is your role model?
My parents are my role models, because they are the most selfless people I know. They both put other people's needs before their own. In my career, I hope to use these qualities given to me by them to help as many people as possible.

Tell us an embarrassing or funny moment that happened during practice or a game?
We played a game of flag football during practice one day, and I caught the ball and ran the wrong way. I think my team lost.

What are your plans after graduation?

I plan on going on to medical school and maybe someday join the Peace Corps and practice medicine in another country.