Senior Arturo Macias
Senior Arturo Macias
SXU - Wed, Feb. 23, 2011

Arturo Macias, a senior at Saint Xavier University from Posen, Ill., recently completed his fourth and final season of men's soccer last fall. He played multiple positions on the soccer field during his four-year career.  Macias is in his final semester working toward a major in finance.

Why did you choose to come to Saint Xavier?

I chose to come to Saint Xavier after I was offered an opportunity to continue playing the sport I love. I was actually already in the enrollment process at another school, but quickly removed myself, when the chance to play and continue my education arose. In addition to education and sports, the fact that SXU is near my hometown helped significantly with the decision. Since then, four years have passed, I've never regretted my decision to come to SXU, and I have become very passionate about the school.

What were your goals for this season?

My personal goal coming into this year's season was to solidify a position on a very competitive team. That alone was going to be a task that would be worked on everyday throughout the season in both practice and actual games. My second personal goal, which could actually be the most important goal for me, was to get into shape as quickly as possible. This shouldn't have been an important goal, mainly because I was expected to be fit on the first day of camp, but because of the smallest break in my fifth metatarsal this past May, summer conditioning was not an option.

What do you think you contribute to the Athletic Program?

I'm a person who loves to have fun as well as be very competitive. Therefore, I always try to keep my teammate's competitive drive by motivating them anyway possible. I'm sure that if anybody came out to our games or practices, they would probably say they heard me yell something or saw me in the process of talking to somebody about being on all cylinders during practices or games. I also like to have fun on the field. I've learned that having fun is a very important key in the success of a soccer team, because in actuality, it's a game that should be enjoyed while playing. Because of this, I would "try" to provide comical relief whenever it was possible without disrespecting the coaches and the sport. Athletically speaking, I feel that I provided Coach Ed Vucinic and the team a sort of "tool man" athlete. I was never the best at any one position. I was always more like pretty good at multiple positions. Because of this, my years here were spent experimenting with new positions.

Do you have any pre-game rituals?

I have a few pre-game rituals. The first one followed me throughout my college career here at SXU. This ritual, which I can't think of its origin or how it even came about, consisted of me putting on my left sock first, followed by my right sock, then my left shoe, followed by right shoe, followed by my left shin guard, and lastly, my right shin guard (L, R, L ,R, L, R). I am not too sure of this being a ritual or not, but it did follow me all four years. Another ritual I have is listening to music prior to a game. I know this is somewhat generic, but what I do is just let my mp3 player shuffle songs throughout a road trip or on my way to games and when it comes time to prepare for the game I listen to all Young Jeezy songs, old and new. The most important ritual I had was to go around while everybody was stretching prior to the game and get a low or high five from everybody on the team. That ritual was the best and I loved to do it every time.

Who would you say is your favorite athlete?

Without a doubt in my mind, my favorite athlete of all time is Michael Jordan. I love Jordan and growing up so close to Chicago during his dominant years as a little boy, I imagined Jordan as being super human. His work rate and drive transcended basketball and influenced athletes of any sport all around the world. I feel he's an amazing athlete that really developed what he loved to do and triumphed from it in almost every way possible.

What is your involvement on campus?

My involvement on campus is that of a student-athlete. Unfortunately, I did not join clubs or groups here besides being on the soccer team. I did participate in a program ran by athletes that promoted athletic games or events of other sports in efforts to increase other athletes attendance at those events.

Do you have a favorite quote/ motto to live by?

It may seem a bit out of the ordinary, but I do have a "motto" I live by, or at least a "motto" I compete by. Afew years back,I was watching a rookie interview session of the NFL Combine that included Marshall Lynch. Lynch described his attitude on the field as "BEAST-MODE" from that day forward I adopted the motto into my lifestyle and attempted to "BEAST-MODE" everything I was/am a part of. BEAST-MODE basically means to be highly competitive during games and I transformed it some because I use it for my everyday life now. I try to stay engaged and to a point competitive in everything I do.

Who would you say is your role model?

I would say my role models are my parents, because of all the core values and morals they have instilled in me since the day of my birth. It really is because of them that I am the person I am now. They have also made the effort to get me through college, which I will never stop thanking them for.

Tell us an embarrassing or funny moment that happened during practice or a game?

Well for some reason or another, the food here makes my stomach feel somewhat unhappy after I eat it. This was definitely the case at practice maybe last year or this year. Well, we were practicing out on the practice field, the furthest field away from the locker rooms (just to point out), when my unhappy stomach began to signal "bathroom time." To end the story short, I ended up running back and forth possibly four or five times to cure a very unhappy stomach throughout practice. Like anything, a few jokes were heard in the locker room that day about my "runs" back and forth from practice to the bathroom.