Junior Barb Roman
Junior Barb Roman
SXU - Wed, Jan. 26, 2011

Barb Roman, a junior at Saint Xavier University, from Rockford, Ill., is currently in her second season on the Women's Cross Country and Track and Field Teams. In Track and Field, she participates in the following; 400, 800, 4X800, and 4X400 races. Roman is also majoring in Early Childhood Education and working toward a minor in Anthropology.

  1. Why did you choose to come to Saint Xavier? I was debating between coming to Saint Xavier and a few other schools. When I was still in high school, I had told a friend of mine here that played on the Women's Soccer team who was also from Rockford, that I was thinking of coming to check out the school. She ended up calling me one day while I was at a track meet asking me if I wanted to be the Women's Soccer team manager because she knew that I managed the girls varsity basketball team in high school. She gave me Coach Ekeler's contact information and we talked it over and found that it could be a paid job that I could get work-study for. I also really liked the small school atmosphere and how there were so many athletes on campus because I have always been involved in sports.
  2. What are your goals for this season? I want to help qualify the 4X800 for both indoor and outdoor track for Nationals. If we qualify in indoor, it will be the first SXU 4X800 team to go to Nationals. I also want to improve all of my Personal Records (PR).
  3. What do you think you contribute to the Athletic Program? I think that I bring a lot of energy to the program. I am always cheering for everyone at practices and meets. I also bring a lot of encouragement and dedication and I put my heart into everything and I leave it all on the track. I also contributed the "Barb Chant." ("Barb, Barb, Barb"à a repetitive chant on my first name that slowly gets louder as I'm racing.)
  4. Do you have any Pre-game Rituals? Before a race I rock out to some good music. My favorite bands to listen to before a meet are Sick Puppies, Three Days Grace and Fort Minor. I also get my hair braided before every race. I also jump when I'm lined up before the race begins.
  5. Who would you say is your favorite athlete? Dara Torres; She is a USA Olympic swimmer, she is 41 years old and has a two-year-old daughter and has come back three times from swimming. She has broke many records for the USA and qualified for the 50m freestyle and she won a Silver medal, beating people 20 years younger than her.
  6. What is your involvement on campus? I am one of the founders of the Anthropology Club; I am part of MSPJ (Mercy Students for Peace and Justice) and I am the Poverty Chair. I am an Residence Assistant (RA) in Pacelli Hall. I am also a member of the Education Club. I also helped in creating the L.O.V.E. program (Love Of Valuing Everyone)
  7. Do you have a favorite quote/ motto to live by? I don't really have a favorite quote but I am going by this thing called "Be Water" that I read in a magazine. It means "you need to feel smooth but have the force of water." The idea came from the Olympic middle distance runner, Bolota Asmerom.
  8. Who would you say is your role model? My dad. He is my role model because he's the one stable person in my life and we went through a lot of difficult times together but we made it through. He is also a hard worker and puts 100 % of his heart into everything he does and he pushes me to do the same.
  9. Tell us an embarrassing or funny moment that happened during practice or a race? My very first track race for SXU at Carthage College, I was running the 600 and the official lined us up on the line and I was standing right next to someone that I was competing against. I was lined up on the inside of the lane and she was lined up on the outside, and I turned to her and asked her if she wanted the inside of the lane forgetting that it was the easiest lane to be in. Needless to say, Coach Lisa Ebel was not happy. However, I ended up winning that Heat and getting fourth place overall, but it was still not the best move to make.
  10. What are your plans after graduation? I plan on joining the Peace Corps. and getting my masters, hopefully while still in the Peace Corps.