The SXU Midwest Tournament kicks off at 2 p.m. on Monday, December 20
The SXU Midwest Tournament kicks off at 2 p.m. on Monday, December 20
Men's Basketball - Fri, Dec. 17, 2010
CHICAGO - Below is a schedule for all three days of the 2010 SXU Midwest Tournament hosted by Saint Xavier University at the Shannon Center in Chicago.  All results, including box scores with play-by-play, will be listed beside each game listing as soon as possible after each contest.  At the conclusion of the tournament, we will also list the players named to the all-tournament squad.  Thanks and have a happy holiday season!

Monday, December 20
Game one: Saint Xavier (Ill.) defeats Mount Marty College (S.D.), 88-61 - BOX SCORE
Game two: Siena Heights (Mich.) defeats Viterbo (Wis.), 72-70 (2OT) - BOX SCORE
Game three: Saint Ambrose (Iowa) defeats East-West (Ill.), 78-61 - BOX SCORE
Game four: St. Francis (Ill.) defeats Saint Francis (Ind.), 96-83 - BOX SCORE

Tuesday, December 21
Game five: Mount Marty (S.D.) defeats Viterbo (Wis.), 110-103 (4OT) - BOX SCORE
Game six: Saint Francis (Ind.) defeats East-West (Ill.), 67-53 - BOX SCORE
Game seven: Saint Xavier (Ill.) defeats Siena Heights (Mich.), 73-70 - BOX SCORE
Game eight: St. Francis (Ill.) defeats Saint Ambrose (Iowa), 83-70 - BOX SCORE

Wednesday, December 22
Game nine: East-West (Ill.) defeats Viterbo (Wis.), 66-63 (7th place) - BOX SCORE
Game 10: Saint Francis (Ind.) defeats Mt. Marty (S.D.), 87-72 (5th place) - BOX SCORE
Game 11: St. Ambrose (Iowa) defeats Siena Heights (Mich.), 64-63 (3rd place) - BOX SCORE
Game 12: St. Francis (Ill.) defeats Saint Xavier (Ill.), 109-105 (3OT) (championship) - BOX SCORE

2010 SXU Midwest All-Tournament Team

#42 Michael Skinner (East-West)
#50 Spencer Yackley (Mount Marty)
#31 DeJovaun Sawyer-Davis (Saint Francis)
#14 Mark Snipes (Siena Heights)
#25 Mike Kennedy (Saint Ambrose)
#34 Scott Taloff (Saint Xavier)
#11 Andrew Fair (St. Francis) - Tournament MVP