Cheerleading - Sun, Jul. 11, 2010

If you are a Saint Xavier University student interested in trying out for the 2010-11 Cougar Cheerleading squad, make your way over to the Shannon Center on Thursday, August 26, at 5 p.m. for auditions. Open try-outs will begin promptly at 5 p.m.

You must bring a cheerleading application.

TRYOUTS on August 26:

Please come prepared with 1 cheer, 2 jumps, and any tumbling. You will be placed with others for stunting.

** Minimum stunting: one-legged extended stunt; i.e. liberty, heel stretch, arabesque - base and/or flyer.

** Please see Skill Categories and Point Value section (below) for more information!

** All SXU students are encouraged to try out for the team.

SXU Cheer Squad cheers at the following:

• All Home Football Games

• All Home Men's Basketball Games

• College Competitions (made up of select team members)

New team members will spend a minimum of $300 on shoes, warm-ups, crop top, bloomers, practice wear and any additional items deemed necessary by the coach(es).

A $150 deposit will be due September 16.

Open Tryouts - Skill Categories & Point Value

Your tryout must demonstrate the following skills:

1. Motion Technique (10 points)

You must demonstrate a cheer that includes a variety of motions. You will be evaluated on sharpness, arm angle and placement, and overall execution and technique. You may use signs in this portion of your tryout.

2. Jumps (15 points)

You must demonstrate two different jumps. You must perform a toe-touch along with one other jump of your choice. Your jumps will be evaluated on height, form, technique, pointed toes, and overall execution.

3. Stunts (15 points)

You are required to demonstrate a one-legged extended stunt; i.e. liberty, heelstretch, arabesque - base and/or flyer - and an optional stunt of your choice. In this portion of the preliminary tryout you will have to include other teammates to execute the skills required. Only you will be evaluated- not the other people in the group. You will be evaluated on your technique, form, attention to safety, dismount, and overall execution.

You will be evaluated on your ability to base and/or fly. You should execute sharp, clean, and safe stunts.

4. Gymnastic Skills (10 points)

You must demonstrate any and all gymnastics skills that you have. DO NOT demonstrate the following: forward roll, cartwheel, round-off, front or back walk-overs, aerials, or one-handed cartwheels. Skills that should be demonstrated are: Standing back-hand-spring and/or standing back-tuck, round-off back-hand-spring series, round-off back-tuck, roundoff back-hand-spring back-tuck, and any other advanced tumbling skills. You may use spotters and/or mats in this section of the tryout.

5. Appearance (10 points)

Your appearance should be neat and clean. Hair should be pulled back and out of your face and eyes. No Jewelry! Wear SXU team colors!

6. Voice (10 points)

Your voice will be evaluated during the demonstration of your motion technique. Your voice should be loud, strong, and able to lead a crowd during a game. You will want to avoid "singing" your cheers, a high-pitched voice, or a very low and deep voice. Your voice should have spirit and enthusiasm.

7. Crowd Appeal (10 points)

In all sections of your tryout you should be demonstrating crowd appeal. This consists of smiling, appropriate facial expressions, and overall spirit and enthusiasm. This category gives you the opportunity to perform, to "work the crowd", and to have fun!

Team Information:

Practice Schedule:\ for 2010-2011:  Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5:30-7:30 p.m.

About the Cougars: The Saint Xavier University cheerleaders are a cheerleading team that is responsible for the spirit and support of Cougar Athletics. We cheer Cougar Football at all home games. We also cheer at home men's basketball games.

Member Requirements:  Students selected to cheer at Saint Xavier University are expected to participate in all squad activities: summer practices, all football games, men's home basketball games and tournaments and all practices (2-3 times/week during fall and winter), fundraisers, community service opportunities, and performances. Our cheerleading budget covers: uniforms, warm ups, cheer bags, etc. The cheerleaders are responsible for their shoes, socks, leotards, and spankies.

Try-Out Dates & Requirements:  To be eligible for cheerleading try-outs, students must be currently enrolled or incoming freshman/transfer students who have been accepted for the fall 2010 semester at Saint Xavier University.

Try-Outs Shannon Center:  Try-outs will consist of cheer, fight song, jumps, stunts and tumbling. We will be looking for good, strong fundamental skills. We will choose the 2010-2011 Cougar cheerleaders from try-outs and the team will be announced/posted that day.

For more information, please contact head coach Renee Sullivan at 708-945-5640 (mobile) or via e-mail at [email protected]