Athletic Training
Team Physicians:             Thomas P. Regan, M.D Southside Orthopaedics

                                              Michael J. Liston, M.D. Southside Orthopaedics
                                              Jonathan Cotton, M.D. Southside Orthopaedics

                                              Sangili Chandran, M.D. Advocate Christ Medical Center


Head Athletic Trainer:            Katherine DeGaetano, MA, ATC
                                                     Ph: 773-298-3128

                                                     [email protected]

Assistant Athletic Trainer:    Dan Piet, MA, ATC
                                                     Ph: 773-298-3129

                                                     [email protected]


The Athletic Training staff at Saint Xavier University shall provide injury prevention, care and rehabilitation services of recognized excellence to the student-athletes with in the SXU Athletics Department.  The Athletic Training staff is committed to provide the best possible quality care that reflects the philosophical excellence of the University.  We intend to fulfill our mission statement by creating a comfortable caring environment within the athletic training facility.

  • Assuring that each physician, staff member maintains a pleasant, caring, and professional attitude consistent with the National Athletic Trainers Association Code of Professional Practice.
  • Maintaining and operating our athletic training facility in an organized and efficient manner.
  • Assuring that our emergency procedures are safe, efficient, and expedient.
  • Assuring that each athlete is carefully counseled regarding their injury or illness and options are explained when appropriate.
  • Philosophically providing all athletes with the opportunity to see a physician if he or she makes this request to a certified staff member.
  • Insuring that student athletic trainers are properly trained and knowledgeable regarding basic care and treatment of injuries.
  • Insuring that each athlete has the best possible opportunity to participate in intercollegiate athletics in a physically healthy environment.

Athletic Training Room Procedures

  • Report ALL injuries immediately to the Athletic Training staff.  Early treatment can keep you playing.
  • Check-in at the front desk for ALL injury evaluations, treatments, taping and wound care.
  • Athletic Training coverage will be provided on-site at games and practices by both Certified Athletic Trainers and Student Athletic Trainers as designated by the Certified Athletic Training Staff.
  • Injuries will be evaluated and the course of treatment will be determined at that time.
  • Injuries will be treated/rehabilitated in the athletic training room by staff.

Athletic Training Parent/Guardian Forms

  • Click here to view/print a Parent/Guardian/Student Information Form and the Authorization Form for health information
  • Click here to view/print the form that provides additional insurance and medical coverage information for SXU student-athletes 

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